SPIN - Rijkswaterstaat's road works management system

Systeem voor Planning en Informatie Nederland

The SPIN project comprises the road works management system in the Netherlands, which aims to centrally manage road works on the high-priority road network, evaluate them in terms of traffic and disseminate information to different user groups.

The system checks road work sites for conflicts with other construction projects, relevant events or with regard to compliance with guidelines, and estimates the traffic impact, such as expected congestion lengths and lost travel times. 

Construction sites are entered and managed by both in-house planning staff and external construction firms. Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) accompanies external workers in their work planning process. The status of the work is assessed, planned and communicated to road users by RWS. Therefore, SPIN is accessible from the internal Rijkswaterstaat network as well as from the Internet.

SPIN has been implemented as a web application. The essential basis for collecting and communicating information about road works is a highly up-to-date map base. The map base is continuously maintained by an internal RWS technical group. The current map data is made available in monthly cycles. SPIN carries out map updates automatically during operation without limiting the availability of the system.

SPIN manages road work information in detailed input masks, table views, map displays, dynamically generated reports, as well as a lane-by-lane schematic display automatically generated based on the map data, in which roadwork signage can be entered and visualized. Both mobile signs and the dynamic displays available on the routes are used for signage.

The graphical user interface was commissioned to Heusch/Boesefeldt only after an intensive analysis phase in 2011. This approach enabled the development of a user interface that is optimally adapted to the needs of the users.