Traffic Management and Information System of the ASFINAG (VMIS 1.0)

Realization of a nationwide traffic management center for Austria's trunk road

The project to set up the Traffic Management and Information System (VMIS) center, commissioned by ASFINAG in 2003, involved nationwide traffic control for Austria's highways and expressways.

The contract for the IT and control center technology was wound up by the consortium Siemens AG Austria - Heusch/Boesefeldt GmbH. Heusch/Boesefeldt was responsible for the development of the software for the entire system, i.e. for the traffic computer center including traffic information management and the sub-centers as well as the road works management with traffic data analysis server (including an integrated interface in web technology).

A distinctive feature is the seamless integration of traffic control, traffic message management, road works management and statistical traffic analysis based on charts in a system, the underlying basis of which is the comprehensive, integrated data model based on the digital map.

The project was implemented in several steps. The first regional sub-center was put into operation in 2005, the central system in Vienna was completed in 2007, and the expansion to include a road works management system with a traffic data analysis server was completed in 2010. Furthermore, there was a nationwide rollout in the five remaining regions as well as the expansion to include an area-wide traffic recording system.

A maintenance contract ensures technical support for the system around the clock (24/7/365). Adaptations and extensions are made via a framework contract. In cooperation with Heusch/Boesefeldt, it is currently being technologically and functionally renewed and expanded in the VMIS 2.0 project.