Social responsibility

Social responsibility is a central aspect of our corporate culture. Heusch/Boesefeldt does business in accordance with the law. We have a moral and ethical obligation in dealing with our employees, the environment and competitors, which we are happy to fulfill.

That these are not just empty words can be seen from various facts:


m/f/d is not just a hackneyed phrase in a job advertisement. Be who you want to be!

Working time models for the benefit of all

We practice a modern working time model with flexible working hours and the option of working partly, mainly or entirely from home. In this way, we support the compatibility of work and family. This also includes our support for parental leave. Heusch/Boesefeldt offers parents the opportunity to work part-time after parental leave if a full-time job is no longer an option for them.

Company that trains

Heusch/Boesefeldt contributes to the vocational orientation and training of young people. We regularly provide internships for pupils and students, both for compulsory internships and voluntary internships. We regularly train three to four apprentices in the field of "IT application development". Of course, we offer our trainees the possibility of long-term employment in the company after their successful final examination. We are open to diverse, attractive programs that support young people and participate in activities that promote career choice and entry. We also supervise and support students in their bachelor's and master's theses.

Donations to social institutions

We show responsibility for the region and have been a member of the local association Aachener Engel e.V., founded in 2005, since 2008. This association and its members tirelessly care for sick and financially disadvantaged fellow citizens who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own. Areas of activity include cancer care or support for victims of accidents, abuse, violence or social injustice.


Environmental protection is a factor that is firmly anchored in our corporate structure and culture. We support environmental protection by reducing the consumption of raw materials.

In 2012, we transferred our internal operations and applications to virtual machines. In 2013, this consolidation process was continued. In this way, we are not only independent in terms of specific hardware, it also leads to energy savings and allows dynamic load balancing and optimization. All in all, 53 computers and servers have been moved to 5 virtual machines and old systems that consumed a lot of energy have been switched off.

Modern IT with the acquisition of modern collaboration tools replaces air travel as often as possible, without any loss of quality. The printer is actually only a scanner and paper is only printed on in the most necessary cases.

For our employees and, of course, customers, we have set up a company charging station where two electric vehicles can simultaneously fill up with electricity sponsored by Heusch/Boesefeldt. Our offer to lease job bikes at a low price has led to even more colleagues riding their bikes to the office.