The realization of the software is only a small part of your traffic center.
The decisive factor is the smooth integration with outdoor facilities, communication environment and hardware environment.

For us, successful system integration always consists of several aspects. First, it requires the technical realization and integration of systems, i.e. pure IT system integration. In addition, we consider organizational and, above all, operational aspects in order to provide the user with a powerful and manageable tool. For this, we have detailed knowledge of already existing systems and how they work.

We integrate systems according to existing and known norms and standards with proprietary systems of other manufacturers. In doing so, we have incorporated systems from all well-known manufacturers in the industry. Based on our long standing experience, we have the skills to face the challenging task to assemble system components with different development and configuration states into a single, complex overall system.

Essential tasks of system integration are:

  • Initial establishment of the systems (hard- and software)
  • Integration of digital map data, system configurations (hardware, locations, networks) and traffic-related configurations as well as parameterization of the system
  • Capacity planning, ensuring the performance, for example via load balancing
  • Ensuring system availability and fail-proof operation
  • Execution of initial start-up tests with the system manufacturers using test tools especially developed for this purpose

Our expertise in the area of integration guarantees you a problem-free setup of your complex systems and their possible further development even after many years of use. This, in combination with our 24/7/365 service, ensures lasting, smooth operation right from the start and the long-term protection of your investments.