Our systems are based on a uniform system architecture. It is based on the idea of a modular system, whereby software modules from different application areas can easily and quickly be integrated into new systems.

The experience of over 35 years of system development has been incorporated into our products and their enhancements. We continuously renew our system platforms according to the technical progress in information technology and software development and offer our customers migration paths to new versions within the context of our maintenance.

The essential technical features of our systems are:

  • Use  of service-oriented architecture (SOA):
    robust system architectures and improved reusability of software modules through loose coupling of services for flexible and efficient integration as well as strong cohesion of components - for a sustainable and quality-oriented software process
  • Open interfaces on different levels and thus the possibility to create or extend a GeoDyn2® system by third parties
  • Distributed system with high scalability and data throughput
  • High availability via deployment in modern cluster solutions based on Kubernetes, for example OKD, Rancher
  • Uniform geodata management with integration of digital maps using a wide range of geographic referencing systems
  • Use of well-established products for database management (SQL as well as document-based, "noSQL") and system-internal communication via message brokers (for example Apache Kafka, MQTT)
  • Support of different operating system platforms (Windows, Linux)
  • Interfaces as WebGUI; instant updating of the display of even complex, dynamic system overviews through the use of modern technologies (WebSockets)