System solutions from Heusch/Boesefeldt

Recognise, understand, act

Our systems offer the full range of functionality to manage road networks and deliver high quality traffic information.



Successful traffic management requires the best achievable knowledge about the actual traffic situation. This concerns both, the current traffic situation as well as predictions about the development of traffic in the near future. The latter can be achieved using a statistical base of historic data.



Based on the current and predicted traffic situations, an improvement of the traffic flow can be achieved using appropriate traffic control methods. In addition to algorithmus with local effect, rerouting strategies have especially proven to be effective, recommending alternative routes in the road network to motorists.



Increasing traffic safety is a major objective of our systems. One way this can be achieved is by reducing the risk of accidents using traffic control and hazard warning. Besides the direct negative effects of accidents they very often cause congestions and thereby reduce the quality of your traffic system.



Traffic information as a service of the road operator pays off twice. Well informed road users are satisfied customers, and they take their own decisions: they avoid congestion and help preventing accident.



Maintenance and extension work is inevitable for the operation of your road network, as well as winter services are required to assure availability oft he road network in winter. Our systems support your work with minimum impact on traffic flow.