Supporting Operation of Roads and Systems

Reducing negative impact on traffic flow caused by inevitable interferences:
determination of critical areas and deduction of measures



Maintenance and extension work is inevitable for the operation of your road network, as well as winter services are required to assure availability oft he road network in winter. Our systems support your work with minimum impact on traffic flow.

The Road works Management System is your tool for planning, coordination and traffic tolerant execution of roadworks. The comfortable, graphical user interface supports all essential functions of a roadworks management.

Basic functions are acquisition and planning of roadwork:

The acquisition and administration of any roadwork planned, in progress or already finished, collects all relevant information about a roadwork.

Impact analysis:
Optimal scheduling of roadworks is supported by traffic analysis and prediction, allowing to analyse and determine potential impact on traffic flow beforehand. Hereby you will be enabled to optmise your roadworks planning.

The workflow support allows automatic information of other parties or organisations involved, e.g. after the planning phase is finished or in case of relevant changes in planning.

With help of the monitoring function the effects of roadworks may continuously be monitored and necessary action may be taken directly to avoid negative impact on traffic flow. Reports allow evaluation of the planning and thereby help optimising the future planning methodology.
The system furthermore supports route planning for dangerous goods transport.

Our systems support the full integration of any information of road weather information systems (RWIS). Based on local sensor data and wide area predictions of the meteorological service, information is provided for winter service in order to allow selective snow clearing and gritting.