Determination of the Traffic Situation

Provision of all data or information about the traffic situation, up-to-date and predicted as a base for optimised decisions
to justify measures taken



Utilising data history

Successful traffic management requires the best achievable knowledge about the actual traffic situation. This concerns both, the current traffic situation as well as predictions about the development of traffic in the near future. The latter can be achieved using a statistical base of historical data.

Processing detector data

Reception of data from traffic sensors and environmental sensors (road condition, weather) is the essential base for monitoring).

Analysing FCD

In addition, the collection of data from mobile sensors - like floating car data or floating phone data - provides detailed information on traffic states and congestion events. With this detection technology it is also possible generate information for road sections which are not equipped with road-side detectors. Our systems back the functionalities of an on-line map-matching and the on-line evaluation of the individual vehicle related data in real-time operation.

Fusing data

The knowledge-based fusion of static and mobile traffic data leads to a maximum of information on the traffic state and possible disturbances in the traffic flow. This level of information forms the solid basis for a reliable decision making.

Constant optimisation

Raw data is checked for plausibility and, if necessary, completed applying appropriate algorithms. Data is permanently archived and made available for reporting and analysis. This ensures traceability and constant optimisation of all control measures.

Facilitating exchange

Additional information may be integrated via data exchange with neighbouring traffic centres, allowing taking external traffic flows into account, as well as different modes of traffic.

Traffic representation

Tools for traffic statistics and analysis are used to derive a statistical data basis, representing typical traffic situations on the road network, taking classified events into account.

Providing an overview

The traffic data base established using the above mentioned methods is used for the determination of the traffic situation, which offers a comprehensive picture of the traffic conditions on the road network:
•    determination of level of service
•    elaboration of travel times
•    calculation of predictions
•    consolidation of different sources -> data fusion
•    automatic incident detection
•    traffic analysis detecting specific patterns
•    analysis and prediction of the progression of congestions