More than 25 years of experience in system development make us value your needs. Our IT-consulting complements your traffic engineering know-how

We advise and accompany your projects through all phases of establishment of your traffic management system – from planning via realisation up to operations.


System Design

In the scope of requirements analysis we generate a complete, clearly defined catalogue of requirements as a base for further steps of system realisation.
We create a high level desgin of your system according to these requirements and choose a suitable architecture, focussing on external interfaces, networking and data modelling.

Project Management

We support your day to day project management based on our long standing experience in running ITS projects. This includes for example harmonisation of specifications or coordination with external partners, customers and contractors / funding organisations. Whether you need a project secretariat for the administrative side of things or a project manager to pull the strings even inside your organisation, we will be able to provide what you need.

Technical Consultancy

We provide our expertise acquired during 25 years and in more than 60 installations all over Europe! We will advise in all aspects of transport telematics and we will represent you competently on technical committees.
We will advise which technology and which tools you really need!


We will advise on the efficient and targeted use of existing and emerging standards and support your active participation in standardisation.

Supporting Implementation

We don't neglect you when it comes to implementation. Make use of our technical support for your implementations. We will develop your application profiles, provide training and helpdesk, etc. – we are your partner!

New Technologies

Our systems make targeted use of up-to-date technology wherever they promise to be beneficial. Make use of our practical experience and let us consult you on the introduction and the application of new paradigms from information and communication technology, e.g. service oriented architecture (SOA) or WEB 2.0 user interfaces.