Systems Integration

Realising software solutions is only one element of your traffic centre.

A further, decisive element is the integration with roadside equipment, communication infrastructure and hardware environment.


Systems Integration

Successful systems integration has always various facets for us. On one hand it includes the technical aspects of system development and integrations. On the other hand, we will incorporate organisational and operational aspects, that provide you with the most powerful and usable solution to reach your goal!

To achieve this we base on detailed knowledge of exsiting systems and their internal behaviour. We integrate systems according to existing de jure and de facto standards with bespoke and proprietary solutions of other vendors. We have integrated systems of all leading vendors in the market.

Based on our long standing experience, we have the skills to face the challenging task to assemble system components with different development and configuration states into a single, complex overall system.

Essential tasks of system integration comprise:

  • Initial establishment of hard and software components
  • Configuration of traffic domain logic
  • Software configuration management of customer systems
  • Capacity planning to ensure suitable performance, e.g. via load balancing
  • Ensuring system availability and fail-proof operation as well as consideration of the system's infrastructure
  • Hardware, site specifics, networks, application software, data


Our systems integration expertise ensures painless establishment of your complex systems and extensibility for a sustainable future development – to provide smooth operations right from the start and protect your investment for the future.