From vision to reality
Final presentation of C-Roads Hessen


The virtual final event of the pilot project C-Roads Hessen, a sub-project of C-Roads Germany, took place on October 26th 2020. 

The project started in the 4th quarter of 2016 under the direction of Hessen Mobil together with partners from industry. The aim of C-Roads is to introduce, test and harmonize cooperative, intelligent traffic systems and services that can be used across borders (C-ITS services). 

Results and experiences from national and international C-ITS projects, such as the Cooperative ITS Corridor, were incorporated into the development of the Hessian pilot and formed the basis for new hardware and software developments. 

Heusch/Boesefeldt as a project partner is involved in the development of cooperative applications. We have been in charge of the use cases "Probe Vehicle Data (PVD)" and "Traffic Jam Warning (TJW)". In the PVD use case, installed ITS Roadside Stations (IRS) receive status reports from the vehicles and communicate them to the test center Hessen. The vehicle reports support the traffic situation analysis especially in areas where few detectors are available. Based on this additional information, a targeted traffic management can be implemented to reduce accident risks. The aim of the Use Case TJW is to minimize the risk of accidents at the ends of congestions. With the help of this service, congestion ends are reliably detected and road users are warned so that they can adjust their driving behavior in time. 

In the final event, which was held as a web conference, the results of the seven services of the C-Roads Pilot Hessen were demonstrated. 


Duration: Q4/2016 - Q2/2021 (Covid-19-related extension) 
Funding amount: € 3.03 million, funded by the European Union


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