Browser based visualisation of the traffic information of the traffic centre of The Netherlands

The traffic centre of The Netherlands (Verkeerscentrum Nederland, VCNL) is part of the Dutch ministry Rijskwaterstaat. Tasks of the VCNL are especially the nationwide traffic management, generation of up-to-the-minute traffic information and incident management. The VCNL is located at Utrecht, which is also the site of the control room of the centre. From here the nationwide traffic management is coordinated and controlled.

Rijkswaterstaat is looking for an adequate way to make the available information obtainable for its own employees outside of the centre. For this purpose, Heusch/Boesefeldt - on behalf of the VCNL - has developed a visualisation platform, which is based on the GoogleMaps™ map representation. The objective was to represent traffic messages, video transmissions as well as the state of the variable message signs based on a map with the help of a browser only.  Today, this service is available in the ministry’s intranet as well as on the information pillars located at its foyer. 

On the basis of our TrafficMap product the representation was realised in several steps. Apart from an icon based representation on the map, the information is also presented as an RSS-feed in form of a list.  The navigation can be done via a map or a list, both representations are synchronised. Corresponding to the RDS-TMC location references available from the DATEX coded information, the traffic messages and the traffic state and the extent to which they present themselves in the road network are also depicted as coloured lines. For this purpose, the geo-extension of the Dutch RDS-TMC location code list was integrated into the system. Within the step-by-step extension of the system the information of the rain radar was temporarily integrated as well.

When hovering above the camera icons, the video transmissions are immediately presented as a freeze frame. It is also possible, however, to call up the live streams.