Traffic Control Centre Tunnel Behringen
Successful commissioning of ITS in the Behringen tunnel

The Behringen tunnel – situated on motorway A71 in the Federal state of Thüringen between Arnstadt and Ilemnau – has been equipped with traffic control and tunnel operations technology. Heusch/Boesefeldt has provided the traffic control centre for active traffic management in the tunnel, which has been commissioned early April. It will shortly also be connected to Thüringen’s supervisory traffic control centre ÜVR.

Photo: Michael Reichel


The tunnel consists of two separate tunnel sections of 465m length each. The traffic control systems reacts dynamically on current traffic conditions as well as the environmental situation (weather, road surface condition). It is directly connected to the tunnel operations system. Traffic control measures can thus be influenced by tunnel operations requirements as well as wide area traffic management strategies from the supervisory traffic control centre.
Including the Behringen tunnel as the new kid on the block, Heusch/Boesefeldt systems now monitor and control 6 tunnels and one noise protection section (artificial tunnel to protect residential areas from motorway noise). This includes Rennsteig tunnel, Germany’s longest road tunnel.