Traffic Management App for Smartphones

Fast, precise and target-oriented communication is the key to efficient operating procedures. In traffic management there has always been „break“ in the information chain, if the a staff member hadn‘t been at the office or at the traffic centre, but had been on site at the motorway.

For this problem Heusch/Boesefeldt now offers a solution called smarTC in form of a Smartphone App. This application communicates via a safe, encrypted connection directly to the traffic centre and offers the user the information he needs for his work on the site. A feedback channel is available as well. Via this channel the operators can be provided with valuable information from the site. An automatic adoption of such information into the traffic management system is also possible without any problems since the precise location is automatically transmitted by the GPS coordinate of the Smartphone.

This location information is, by the way, also used for the filtering of the information presented to the user. This way it is guaranteed, that those information are presented first which due to the position were identified as relevant.

There are numerous possible areas of application for smarTC: servicing, job management, quality management of systems or construction supervision are just a few examples. For that information on system states (current and historical), traffic information, video images etc. are provided.

The information processing for the app is done by means of supplied components on a webserver communicating with the traffic centre via safe connections. smarTC is hence system independent and applicable in every existing centre.