Open and welcome community
Open-Source Community


We develop software and system solutions that would be inconceivable without the use of open source components. Our solutions themselves are closed source. As part of our project work, we hardly have the opportunity to actively participate in the development of open source components. Nevertheless, we feel committed to the open source movement. In this way we provide feedback in discussion forums and issue trackers or help out with small patches.

This year we made a further (small) contribution to the support of Open Source through donations to organizations that have committed themselves to the Open Source idea - and whose software we like to use frequently:

•    Apache Software Foundation
•    Eclipse Foundation
•    Mozilla Foundation

Also Wikipedia is gladly used by all of us and is thus supported by us this year with a donation.

In the year to come, open source will continue to be important for us. But also the developer community with the possibility to exchange experiences and ideas is important to us. We are therefore pleased to host the first EuregJUG event on the subject of Business Process Management in 2018. We hope for lively interest. In addition to interesting technical insights, these events also offer the possibility of networking and getting to know nice new people.