Rijkswaterstaat establishes a national data base for road traffic information

On July 6th 2009 the Dutch minister of transport Mijnheer Eurlings opened the Nationale Databank Wegverkeersgegevens or just NDW. NDW – translated into English this means national data warehouse for traffic information - collects all obtainable information and data on road traffic in The Netherlands and then makes them available at a central location for data purchaser (e.g. data provider) via the DATEX II standard.

On the basis of our TrafficMap product and by using the GoogleMaps™ technology, Heusch/Boesefeldt has developed a „viewer“ for the NWD for the representation of the available information. The great challenge here was to process the great amount of almost 30.000 measuring points with its traffic data and the respective travel time segments and to visualise them by means of a web browser. Apart from getting a graphic representation of the network with coloured traffic states for the travel times, by clicking the measuring point, the user can also recall diagrams of previous measured data.

Aim of the Dutch ministry of transport Rijkswaterstaat in launching the NDW initiative is to guarantee the road users the best possible supply with traffic information and this will hopefully lead, among other things, to a considerable reduction of congestions. The long run objective is to integrate all available road traffic data and information. Until 2012, information on at least 5.500 km of road network, that is 50-60% of the Dutch road network, is supposed to be available.

In order to get there, Rijkswaterstaat has established the NDW as an independent organisational unit within the ministry and in addition, it got the provinces on board, too. Apart from Rijkswaterstaat itself, the provinces North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht and North Brabant, the urban regions Haaglanden, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Arnheim-Nijmegen and the municipals Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Amsterdam are participating as well.