After the audit is before the audit...
Heusch/Boesefeldt passes 7th monitoring audit successfully!

Just now that conclusions drawn from last years re-certifications start to flourish and show results, time had come for another monitoring audit.

The appraisal proved that Heusch/Boesefeldt's quality management is not off-the-shelf. Bureau Veritas - the certification agent represented by auditor Dr. Marina Domschke - checked

  • compliance of our work flow with requirements from standards and the descriptions found in our own quality management manual and its corresponding activity guidelines,
  • integration of quality requirements into our management systems, and
  • evidence of internal reviews and management appraisals.


Heusch/Boesefeldt systematically focusses on quality. Since last year's re-certification we have continued our path towards improved business processes via extended use of tools. This results in a significant reduction of error prone manual activities in the work flow and - subsequently - an improved overall process quality. Major emphasis is put on the interface to our customers, especially on the release, support and maintenance processes. These measures are firmly based on the foundation of the quality standards, whilst at the same time aiming towards better customer satisfaction and improved economic efficiency.

The auditor expressed her extreme satisfaction and explicitly applauded the "living quality management in day-to-day business" in conjunction with our extensive training activities and the new challenges faced in our new business information processes, e.g. through our new release database and the deployment of an H/B Intranet Wiki.

With improved value of our products and services we feel confident that our quality certificate is more than a "badge on the wall", in fact it's a true hallmark for the quality of our work!