You must find your dream, then the way becomes easy
(H. Hesse)


With a great amount of dedication and studiousness our apprentice Cathleen Hayden has passed with flying colours her vocational training to become a MATSE (mathematical-technical software developer). Only two other students had a better grade than her.

Pioneers in establishing the MATSE degree with its three year apprenticeship were Heusch/Boesefeldt where Cathleen conducted her practical studies and the RWTH Aachen (our partner in this in this bilateral educational programme) where she got her theoretical background. Educational emphasis is placed on mathematics, computer science and programming. Cathleen has worked on tasks with an academic or scientific background and practical relevance. She was significantly involved, for instance, in the development of the representation of the traffic statistics in the digital map in Austria.


In addition to the above mentioned apprenticeship she also got her bachelor of science in „Scientific Programming“. In this subject the focus is on the basics of mathematics such as analysis, linear algebra and data processing with object-oriented programming and algorithms.

Equipped with these two degrees next thing she did was to enrol in the study course “Artificial Intelligence” at the University Maastricht. Artificial intelligence is a discipline which promotes the development and application of intelligent systems and computer programmes. It also deals with the simulation of human thinking on a computer or the development of systems which are themselves of an intelligent nature.

We are very proud of Cathleen and her achievements and are glad that during her studies she will continue to work for us as a student researcher.