No clues concerning 2013?
No problem, just read our annual survey!

We are, however, not interested in the top news the media occupies itself with so eagerly – Like the fact that the new airport in Berlin surprisingly wasn’t finished this year. Or that the new citizenship of a notorious French actor is motivated solely by his deep devotion to Russia as a country. Lower motives such as tax savings were immediately denied. Tax savings, however, turned out to be fatal for the president of the currently indisputably dominant football club.

If our review may not stand pace in terms of glamour with the birth of the British heir to the throne, it surely has to offer more regarding content. So just keep on reading - the best is yet to come.


This year our project work has been an interesting mix of various topics for the most diverse customers. The largest projects successfully finished in 2013 were the Dutch road works management system SPIN and the cooperative traffic management centre for simTD.

After it had been completed on schedule the road works management system for The Netherlands (referred to as SPIN) was put into operation in to steps. The speciality of SPIN is the fact that not only the staff of the Dutch ministry Rijkswaterstaat, but also external users such as construction companies have access to the system and the process of the planning and the execution of road work measures are thus supported in the best way possible. For further details concerning SPIN look here.

In the project simTD Heusch/Boesefeldt - on behalf of Hessen mobil – developed the traffic control centre and thus contributed to a successful project close-out.

As a central component of the trial centre for simTD it can indeed be referred to as the first cooperative traffic management centre. Our simTD newsletter will provide you with further information.

Regarding the new projects what should be mentioned is our participation in the joint project UR:BAN which is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology.  Here, we are consequently pursuing the functional advancement of the system approaches for a co-operative traffic management centre developed in simTD. More information is available here.

Company news

But a lot more has happened at Heusch/Boesefeldt in 2013.  Since this summer you can also find us in Munich close to the Theresienwiese on Zenettistraße 34. For further information on the new branch office see the newsletter Munich Zenettistraße 34.

As you may have realized, we have moved to Zieglersteg 12 in Aachen after having resided at Tempelhofer Straße for 10 years.  In the new domicile, which is made up of two separate but connected buildings, 40 employees have found room in modern office spaces.

And last but not least we set out for new regions with the participation in an American company: Traffic Technology Solutions in Beaverton, Oregon. If you have missed the respective newsletter you can get more details here.

The article How European ATM success stories can be replicated in North America by our managing director Dr. Dirk Hübner which was published in the November issue of the English magazine Traffic Technology International describes how we envision the export of established traffic telematics to overseas. Interested? You can find the article here.

New gains for the team

We have got two new colleagues at our branch office in Munich: Dr.-Ing Frank Offermann and Tobias Schendzilorz.

Frank Offermann, who had been head of the branch Traffic Management at Heusch/Boesefeldt from 2001 until 2002 Heusch/Boesefeldt, is now supporting our business development in a leading position.

Tobias Schendzilorz, who worked as a scientific assistant and head of the research team at the Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control at TU Munich, will be project manager and expert for C2X technologies at Heusch/Boesefeldt.

We also keep on educating and since August have two new apprentices in our team. Viktoria Kuhlmann and Oliver Jumpertz are doing a three-year training to become IT specialists for application development.

Supervision audit by the TUV Rheinland

First and foremost we are regarding the development of software as a service for our customers. Customer satisfaction thus is of the highest priority to us. The fulfilment of their requirements whether explicitly stated or gathered from the common project work will always come first. This is most important to us. Always.

Excerpt from the audit report of the supervision audit by the TUV Rheinland dated 31 October 2013:

Audit result: The organisation (Heusch/Boesefeldt) has set up and realised an effective system for the accomplishment of its policy and aims. Compliant with the aims of the audit the auditor confirms that the management system of the organisation satisfies the requirements of the norms and keeps them up and realises them in an appropriate way.

The “Aachen Angels” are flying again

As always people in sorrow can count on the help of the society “Aachener Engel e.V”. (Aachen Angels). Since its founding in 2005 by Martin Lücker, who suffered from cancer and recovered, this society helps people with similar fates.

With several events such as the New Year’s Eve Marathon, charity concerts, basketball battles and various other things many honorary helpers support people who cannot lead a life as we know it. This includes sick people, victims of abuse, accidents, violence and social injustice.

This year, too, we are refraining from sending out Christmas cards to our customers and rather support the helpers with a donation in addition to our annual membership dues. Something you could do too – help is always needed.

After all, it's your relationships with other people that give value to life.
(Wilhelm von Humboldt)

To preserve the reliable and approved, but still be open for new things – this is what we regard as the success of the co-operation with our customers. We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a successful 2014 and will conclude by merely saying:

Thank you!


Berthold Jansen, Dirk Hübner and the team of the
Heusch/Boesefeldt GmbH