Annual Retrospect 2007
You can't add more days to a life, but more life to a day

Retrospect on our work

The first major milestone in building the Traffic Management and Information System of the ASFINAG in Austria has been achieved with the successful completion of several projects. The base system and the Roadworks Management and Traffic Analysis Server subproject could be officially taken into operation middle of this year. The next step - the planned nationwide extension of subcenters for traffic control - has already started.

Beginning of this year the active network management of the traffic system management system for the Greater Leipzig area had successfully passed acceptance tests. We are especially proud of the extremely positive results of an independent avaluation of the overall project (for details, see BASt Info 18-2007).

The traffic control system of the Traffic Centre Hessen has been adapted for hot standby operation. The TCC is now running on two redundant, spatially separated systems and thereby complies with highest reliability requirements. Final tests are currently performed in real operational environment.

Traffic control in Th├╝ringen is continually extended. In 2007 we built a subcenter for traffic control under contract of Siemens AG in the context of the construction of an overhead noise barrier on motorway A4 near Jena.

Our neighbours in the Netherlands used the potential of so called mash-ups with Google-Maps. Similar to our small EuregioTraffic application, we built an extended version for the Traffic Center Netherlands (Verkeerscentrum Nederland) of Rijkswaterstaat showing all traffic messages, all roadworks and weather radar.

In 2007 we have been involved in several research projects. The next generation of the German TLS (standard for communication with roadside equipment) has been started with the "platform independent modelling of TLS-data". We are especially proud of the successful cooperation in two of in total six lots of a concept study for the "meta data platform" of BMVBS (ministry of transport), looking at the number of bidders (60) we consider this as a proof of trust in our competence. In cooperation of GEVAS software GmbH (urban content) and Heusch/Boesefeldt (inter-urban content) the potential of small, specialised companies in traffic telematics could be shown.


This & that

In august this year another trainee for "MATSE" has started his study in Aachen. Toni Lippert comes from the vicinity of Berlin and will be trained by Heusch/Boesefeldt and the Technical University of Aachen to receive the degree of a "mathematical-technical software developer" (MATSE). The MATSE is a new degree accepted nationwide and substituting the former "mathematical-technical assistant".

The first workshop of the AixTRA e.V., titled "Optimisation Methods in Transportation", could be carried out in the facilities of IHK Aachen. We hope this has been the successful start of a sequence of regular events.

In order to intensify the contacts to students/junior staff and colleagues Heusch/Boesefeldt again was present at the exhibiton of the "Aachener Stra├čenbau- und Verkehrstage" (Aachen Road Construction and Transportation Days) of Setac e.V. at the Technical University of Aachen.

After several years of absence we will exhibit at the Intertraffic 2008 in Amsterdam again. We are looking forward to this challenge and would be happy to welcome you at our stand. Don't forget to note the date: Visit Heusch/Boesfeldt GmbH on the Intertraffic Apr. 01. - Apr. 04. 2008!



Only a few days remaining and the well-deserved, merry Christmas break will begin. Despite of this we should not forget, that there are people among us who are less privileged. Almost tradition now, we again decided to refrain from sending out Christmas cards and rather made a donation to the United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF.


Our team wishes you and your families a Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year. We are confident, that 2008 will again produce a lot of new ideas and solutions for common projects. "Thanks!" for the trust that you have put in us and for the co-operation during this passing year.

All the best wishes,


Your Heusch/Boesefeldt Team