2009 in retrospect
Tear down this wall, Mr. Gorbatschow (Ronald Reagan)

Would you have known? We’ve asked the colleagues randomly, if they still know what they have done when the Wall fell on 9 November 1989. Only a few knew what exactly they did or where they have been. But everybody answered spontaneously: It was unimaginably and one could hardly believe to take really part in this event of the modern world history.

We congratulate our “Beauty” sized 60 (Federal Republic of Germany) – 40 (German Democratic Republic) – 20 (Germany) but leave it on this quick view and put the focus now on the internal Heusch/Boesefeldt review 2009.

The crossover is near: Our company has celebrated it’s 40. Anniversary this year! On 9 January 1969, the company has been founded as a partnership, firstly as a consulting- and planning company. The computers found their way into the traffic control quickly. On 2 July 1981 the company was registered as a Limited Company in the Commercial Registry of Aachen. Therefore, we will celebrate the next jubilee in two years time. By now, we look back on more than 30 years experience in traffic management!


Retrospect on the work of one year

We are very proud of the cooperation with our long-term customers. There is much to report about our activities in 2009. In Lower Saxony, our sub-centres really merit their retirement after many years of failure-free operation. Currently, they are exchanged by modern systems on GeoDyn2-Basis with Hot Standby and TLSoverIP communications. For next year the integration of the SBA A2 extension is planned.

The Traffic Control Centre Berlin/Brandenburg located in Stolpe had got a bit long in the tooth. Therefore, the update and the extension of the TCC was executed in several parts. Currently, the work is in its final stage.

A further prime example of the investment protection which we offer to our customers is the Traffic Centre Hesse. In good time to the end of the year, the update to the new version of the operating system “Solaris 10” was finished. The centre has accompanied the development of traffic management for 20 years now and is still up-to-date and always open for innovations. As recently as in November, the first dynamical registration and display of the occupancy of parking lots for trucks was integrated in the Traffic Centre Hesse.

North Rhine-Westphalia still finds favour with the ramp metering system to reduce the overload on motorways. Since the beginning in the end of the 90s with 5 ramp metering systems now approx. 100 highly frequented access ramps have been equipped with these systems.

However, with our work concerning the project "Metadata-Platform Traffic Information for Individual Traffic" of the BASt, we enter virgin soil. We’ve reported about the project on validation of a broker architecture before.

In chapter “Innovations” we also put the Traffic Control System "Environment” for Austria. They were brought into service at the beginning of this year. Meanwhile, 5 of the 10 sub-centres, which are connected to the TMIS (Traffic Management and Information System) of the Austrian ASFINAG, control the traffic on basis of nitric oxide respectively particulate matter emission and cover therewith the heavily bonded areas of the Austrian motorway net.

We are very pleased about our enlarged engagement in the Netherlands for Rijkswaterstaat. For the “Nationale Databank Wegverkeersgegebens”, NDW, (translated into English this means “National Database for Traffic Information”) a web-based display of the nearly 30.000 detection sites and the outcoming travel times of the Dutch traffic data acquisition was realised based on our TrafficMap-Technology.



In September 2009, the ITS World Congress took place in Stockholm. Heusch/Boesefeldt presented itself at the booth of the ITS Germany e.V. (as reported).

On November 12, the World Usability Day (WUD) was held in the Technology Centre of AGIT (Aachen Society for Innovation and Technology Transfer). The WUD is arranged world-wide for the promotion of research and economy in approx. 180 cities. Host of the event in Aachen is the P3 Communications GmbH in cooperation with the Media Computing Group of the RWTH Aachen. The focus of this event lies on the usability of services and products. As a manufacturer of complex user interfaces for traffic telematic systems, this subject is a theme for H/B anyway. Our product’s development in the field of internet (TrafficMap) as well as mobile devices (Use of PDAs for the operating personnel in traffic management) affected us to contribute as exhibitor and sponsor.

At the end of November, the Aachener Straßenbau- und Verkehrstage were held; cf. our separate newsletter. Beneath the attendance at the exhibition, the paper of our co-worker Christoph Schwietering is worth mentioning.


This and That

The certification of the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 must be renewed every 3 years. In line with a 2-days-audit, the company was put to the acid test. H/B was certified on basis of the new DIN standard 9001:2008 for the first time.

In 2009, our new established test management system, the steering of documents, data backup and the handling of the ordering systems incl. complaints were mainly focussed.

Furthermore, we are delighted to report about changes within our team! We are pleased to introduce our new colleague Franz van Betteraey to you. He has been supporting our development-team since October.

The geologist is an experienced Java developer and comes up with comprehensive IT-skills and long-term experience in project handling.

Since May, Sabine Kraemer is the fairy godmother of our office. She’s a trained attorney’s assistant. We do not know yet how we have solved without her.



As we have been convinced of the work of Aachener Engel e.V. we once again refrained from sending out personal season greetings. Instead we donated the money to the Aachener Engel, a local charity association. They offer quick and unbureaucratic help to people who got into trouble through no fault of their own. But they do more: Anti-violence-trainings, terminal care and much more is included in their large offer of help as well as the support of people who are victims of violence and abuse. The Aachener Engel are pleased about every support. If you like to help, too: www.aachener-engel.com


We wish all of you and your families a Merry Christmas, peaceful holidays and all the best for the year 2010 and we are looking forward to another year of good cooperation.



Dr. Dirk Hübner      Berthold Jansen

and all employees of Heusch/Boesefeldt GmbH