Year in, year out
End-of-the-year review 2010

2010 – FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Germany played miraculously and unfortunately – as predicted by Paul the Octopus – only made it third place. Lena Meyer-Landrut cast a spell not only on Germany, but the whole of Europe was enchanted at the Eurovision Song Contest, when, after 28 years, it was her who finally made Germany No. 1 again.

The year was full of incredible, peculiar and moving stories as the sinking of the oil platform Deepwater Horizon in Golf of Mexico or the rescue of the 33 coal miners in Chile. Bankruptcies (banks), botch-ups (Cologne metro) and embarrassments (disclosures on Wikileaks) – the stuff that every stand-up comedian and satirist has been dreaming of. 2010 – a basket of variegated riches.

Far off from any satire we have collected for you a list of our activities of the past year. Variegated as well – that’s for sure!

Service Reloaded

The increasing demand of our customers for high system availability induced us to develop new service and hotline concepts for our systems. In co-operation with our project partner Siemens AG Austria the TMIS centre of the ASFINAG in Austria, for instance, is supervised in a first and second level support in 24/7.

Our systems in Thuringia, Lower Saxony, Hesse and Berlin/Brandenburg are also in part serviced around the clock. Additional safety and reliability is provided by the systems in Lower Saxony and Hesse which work in a so-called hot-standby operation. These systems offer an almost 100% reliability as there are two systems operating in parallel. If the primary system fails due to a technical defect, the backup system takes over until the defined operation state has been recovered. Stand-by systems have further advantages. Planned maintenance on the system can be carried out without any down times for the centre and the connected traffic control systems.

Apart from that, we are also doing active monitoring. The system states are systematically recorded, i.e. logged and continually attended and observed. This way, we can intervene pre-emptively and by informing and acting in time and can perform measures before a technical defect brings the system to a breakdown.

Further sub-centres connected to the TMIS centre

In 2010 the traffic control system in the south of Vienna on the motorway A2 south and the connected motorways A3 and A21 were successfully put into operation. The A2, which in the commuter belt of Vienna is an eight-lane motorway, is characterised by an extremely high traffic volume of up to 200.000 vehicles per day. At the junction Vösendorf there are also numerous merging manoeuvres.

A special feature of the traffic control system is that not only the main carriageway is controlled, but the two-lane bypasses as well. Furthermore, the system also smoothly adjoins to the existing traffic control system on the S1 as well as to the planned traffic control system on the A23 which is currently under construction.

Generation Car-to-X communication

In the research project simTD (Safer Intelligent Mobility – test area Germany) the car-to-x communication (that is, the communication between the vehicles among each other and the communication between the vehicles and the infrastructure) is implemented and tested. The results up to now - milestone 4 „Subsystems are available“ - were introduced to the ministries and the bodies running the project.

Filling the gap

After a project duration of less than 10 weeks the traffic control systems “Rehren” and “Helmstedt” are now connected to each other. The result is a traffic control system which on a length of 160 km controls about 100 display panels and is thus one of the largest of its kind.

Truck parking

Automatic detection of the current occupancy of free truck parking spaces at the service and resting area Taunusblick. Our newsletter will provide you with more information.

ISO 9001 - Audit 2010

Since 1997 Heusch/Boesefeldt has been certified according to ISO 9001. This year as well we have been approved for complying with our quality politics, the constant improvement of our operating procedures and the effective control of corrective and preventive measures. The first audit after the recertification, which is taking place every three years, has been mastered. The audits, which we have passed during the last 14 years, improve the sense of responsibility, the dedication and the motivation of our staff. It is this additional value that our customers profit from. We guarantee that the quality of our software is and always will be our main concern.

New faces

To our team we welcome our new colleagues who have just finished their studies: Ms Jennifer Thal and Ms Theresa Ständer. Ms Thal has passed her qualification as office administrator for communication at the RWTH Aachen and is our new contact person at the secretary’s office. Ms Ständer got her qualification as IT specialist/system integration at an established telecommunication corporation in Göttingen and supports the division Integration.

In 2010 we hired two apprentices. With Michelle Carlier and Floris Gering we now - in co-operation with the RWTH - train three young people to become MATSE (mathematical-technical software developers).

Traditionally, we refrain from sending Christmas cards and donate the respective amount to the association „Aachener Engel e.V.“, an organisation which is taking care of socially deprived individuals in our region.


There are plenty of resolutions, we just have to use them.

(Blaise Pascal, French mathematician and philosopher)

For this year 2010, we wish you and your families that you can look back thankfully and pleased. We wish you a merry christmas and prosperous new year. 


Berthold Jansen, Dr. Dirk Hübner
and the Heusch/Boesefeldt team