ITS World Congress Stockholm, September 2009
Heusch/Boesefeldt presents itself at the booth of the ITS Germany

This year's ITS World Congress will take place in Stockholm from 09/21/09 – 09/25/09.  Heusch/Boesefeldt will present its own exhibits at the joint booth (H40) of the ITS Germany.

At the congress we will present innovative solutions for congestion management and traffic engineering on motorways, which have delivered an optimal performance in practice. The ways in which a congestion management is able to support traffic management processes will be demonstrated to every interested visitor.

From experience we know that the ITS World Congress is an ideal platform for discussions with groups of specialists where products and new solutions are introduced and numerous contacts are established. Therefore, we decided to present the international users, operators and specialists the current state of a  Central European control centre for motorways.

Focus here is on the fast, automatic operation for harmonising and congestion warning with an integrated manual possibility of the user to intervene for the support of the operation and incident management.

We are looking forward to give you a detailed account on our products and to have a competent talk with you.  If you should prefer a precise appointment, you can contact us under

Finally, we would like to say a few words about ITS Germany. This is the <Deutsche Gesellschaft für intelligente Transportsysteme> (German society for intelligent transport systems), a registered association, which was founded in Hamburg in May 2007 by companies from the sectors telematics, public transport, harbour telematics and logistics.

Primary aim of this union of companies engaged in the telematics market is to promote a further development and the establishment of so-called Intelligent Transport Systems. The reduction of incidents, congestions, emissions as well as safety, profitability and environmental protection are the focal issues of the association's activities. In this process, new developments, trends and the results of the activities are presented to the public and the users in order to give them a better understanding of the necessity of technological systems. 

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