Green Plants
Motivation and health promoters

Plants in the office not only beautify the room, they also turn out to be real air fresheners and health bombs when the right choice is made. A lot of research on this topic has shown that a green office makes employees happier. The School of Psychology at the University of Cardiffs, for example, found that a large part of the positive effect lies in the subjective perception of the employees involved. Some of the test persons whose workplace had been equipped with plants felt physically and mentally much fitter than they did before the green plants had been placed there.That's a good thing, we thought, and we quickly picked up on the idea at Heusch/Boesefeldt and opted for improved conditions against dry throat, irritated eyes and chesty cough. By equipping our employee’s offices with green plants, we said good-bye to pollutants in the office air, caused by carpets, wall paints, appliances and cleaning agents. Our lovingly selected plants absorb and filter pollutants such as dust particles or benzene. A further plus for the equipment: the noise level drops. The plants swallow background noises. The conclusion: the plants make the air healthier, noise pollution is reduced and colleagues are more concentrated and therefore more efficient.

By the way: Office plants are considered office equipment and can therefore be claimed as operating expenses.



Plant on the left: butterfly palm which improves indoor climate, increases air humidity and filters pollutants

Plant on the right: devil’s ivy which filters chemicals from the air