Galileo based Assistance Systems - Safety Systems for Road Works Areas
Demonstrator for Android Smartphones

The completed research and development project Galileo based Assistance systems for road and rail traffic makes a contribution to safety and efficiency in transport. The project was supported by the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Under the overall project management of the RWTH Aachen and in close co-operation of research institutions and industry, the potentialities of Galileo for ground traffic were studied and explored according to scientific aspects in selected applications.

In the sub-project "Galileo based safety systems for road works areas" Heusch/Boesefeldt developed the concept of the data keeping level and the data processing level and realized applications for the use of road works related traffic information based on high-precision position data.

The system is divided into five levels:

  • Detection level: road-side, sensor-based data collection of road works infrastructure data as well as traffic data
  • Description level: processing of raw data and summing-up of the information into a geographic road works description and a characterization of the traffic situation
  • Data keeping level: central data keeping for road works and traffic relevant data
  • Data processing level: processing of road works and traffic relevant data for the application of traffic information services, traffic management services and lane use assistance (on web service)
  • Presentation level: presentation of road works and traffic relevant information on a user interface

For the presentation level, Heusch/Boesefeldt developed the GALILEO Traffic Demonstrator. The GALILEO Traffic Demonstrator is an application for Smartphones with Android operating systems. It allows the presentation and utilization of road works information from the Galileo project. The user interface of the GALILEO Traffic Demonstrators is realized language independently (currently there are translations in German, English and Dutch).

The Galileo Traffic Demonstrator allows the display of current road works information (Pre-Trip) along the defined routes as well as traffic information related to the road works (e.g. traffic incidents and traffic restrictions). Apart from the option to retrieve the current, route-related information, it is also possible to be accompanied by the application during the trip (On-Trip) and to get information on the current traffic situation in the course of the trip. In addition, a map presentation is implemented. In figure 1 the available pre-trip information are presented.


Figure 1: Outline of the road works information (pre-trip); detail information; map presentation


In case of on-trip information, depending on the distance to the road works to be passed, the driver is provided with information in different levels of detail (cf. figure 2). In the area of the road works a detailed representation of the lane situation is presented and a recommendation for the supporting of the merging traffic is given.

Figure 2: On-trip traffic information on the road works


For the road works, position and spatial characteristics of the place of work and the operation equipment (sensors and actuators) can be generated and processed automatically by the road works operators as input variable for an operative incident management. Road works related position and state information are processed automatically and sent to the traffic management via standardized interfaces.

In the areas traffic control and traffic information there are thus available:

  • For the traffic management: information which are much more detailed than those provided by all other national or international road works information systems and
  • For the road user: through the development of the GALILEO traffic demonstrator pre-trip and on-trip a trend-setting and extendable assistance system.