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Bernd Rücker - The 7 Sins Of Workflow

The first meeting of the Euregio Java User Group in 2018 will be hosted by Heusch/Boesefeldt. Bernd Rücker, author of the practice manual BPMN and co-founder of Camunda, will talk about best practices in workflow implementation and will demonstrate it by using numerous examples with different stacks.

Place:  Heusch/Boesefeldt GmbH
              Zieglersteg 12, 52078 Aachen

Time:   01.02.2018
             Entrance 18:30h 
             Start 19:00h

You can register via the JUG website:

Abstract: The 7 sins of workflow

Almost every application implements workflows in some form, but in most cases this is done rather suboptimally, which I have summarized in the "7 sins of workflow".

In the lecture I will talk about the 7 sins and discuss possible solutions. I will give an introduction to BPMN and DMN and show how these standards for workflow and rule automation can be used in a developer-friendly manner on lightweight engines. Full of experience from real-world projects, I will discuss different architectural variants, from the classic 3-layer application to serverless microservices.

Consulting the open source frameworks Spring, Camunda and Apache Kafka, I use live coding to show how certain solution patterns can be applied in practice. All code examples are available on Github.

Bernd Rücker