Acceptance of Roadwork Management System
and Traffic Analysis Server of ASFINAG

Within the scope of the "IT & Centre Technology" project of the ASFINAG VMIS (Traffic Management and Information System) two more building blocks were taken into operation within less than 2 years: both the Roadwork Management System and the Traffic Analysis Server passed acceptance tests mid of 2007. In a consortium with Siemens AG Austria Heusch/Boesefeldt delivered the complete software for these systems, in case of the Traffic Analysis Server in cooperation with subcontractor Kiwi Consult GmbH (Aachen).

After the successful end of test operations for the Roadwork Management System (RMS) in April 2007, the system was officially handed over to ASFINAG in the middle of this year, nearly simultaneously with the base system (see corresponding newsletter). Since then the RMS is used all over Austria for planning and coordination of roadwork (especially short term roadwork) for the ASFINAG road network. Powerful analysis methods provided by the subsystem Traffic Analysis Server are used to predict disruptions in traffic, to be used within the planning process. Thereby e.g. congestion due to inappropriate planning may be avoided. Planning data will be verified later using the monitoring component, aiming at further improvements of the quality of the planning process.

The fact that RMS is fully integrated into the VMIS and offers optimal support for all traffic management processes is of particular importance. Staff from different divisions may look at the roadwork information using one of approx. 80 terminals, using the information that is relevant to their particular working processes. Examples for this are:

  • automatic communication mechanisms, like email and facsimile transmission, support workflow also beyond the scope of the system
  • for the operation of the traffic control systems operators may generate settings for the control of variable traffic signs out of roadwork information by simply pushing a button
  • traffic information is automatically generated from roadwork information, which then can be provided including congestion prediction, e.g. for radio broadcast.

The feature "long term roadwork" will be in operation from January 01, 2008. Long term roadwork will then also be managed by the system.


The subsystem Traffic Analysis Server was handed over to ASFINAG beginning of September 2007. It provides the necessary, statistical data base for roadwork planning via corresponding online components. In addition to this offline components allow the generation of traffic statistics.

A major task of the Traffic Analysis Server is the calculation of high quality traffic patterns for the whole of Austria, which are continuously kept up-to-date. Data of the nationwide traffic detection is processed for this purpose in addition to the measured data from traffic control systems. Data from the road tolling system for trucks is also used (anonymously) to compute truck travel times and average speed.

All together, a valuable statistical data base is provided that is continuously maintained and represents a reliable base for traffic planning, roadwork planning, traffic prediction and other traffic management purposes.